Monday, July 19, 2004

Becoming more mundane

As I told in my previous post, the title of the blog was chosen impulsively and like for most decisions taken so, I began to regret it after sometime. The title appeared to grandiose in nature and though occasionally I would discuss such grand ideas, by no means would my blog be composed of only such discussions. After thinking about an alternative name for sometime, I hit upon this title – ‘Pseudo random scribblings’. I would now try to explain the rationale behind this title (assuming there is one!). I was tempted to name the blog as ‘random scribblings’, but after some thought I realised that my writings would not actually be in random areas and I would exclude myself from certain areas while concentrating myself one some other areas.
Some of the areas from where I would exclude myself are – 
  •   Active political stands or discussions 
  •   Personal issues which are of no relevance to anyone except me (this will not be a personal journal)

Some of the areas where I would like to concentrate are –

  • Apolitical discussions on current issues
  • Review, criticism on literature I come across (mainly fiction)
  • Review, criticism on movies I happen to watch (mainly Tamil, occasionally English, Hindi)
  • On other things which affect me in some way (like my first post)

With the bulk of my writings to be concentrated in these areas, I didn’t think it could be called as ‘random scribblings’. True, that this is not exactly pseudo-random either, but I don’t know of any other class of randomness in between these two!
[Even assuming that there is no other class of randomness between random and pseudo-random, what is given above is not a precise definition of the scope of the blog and hence concepts like random & pseudo-random may not be even applicable to this.

Accepted, but I am not immune to the human tendency of trying to explain intellectually the things which are in essence decided at heart.]

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